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3 Most Good Sleep Position During Pregnancy

When pregnant, there are changes in the physical shape of your body that make you less comfortable when moving. Especially during sleep. One vote sleeping position and could harm your fetus. So what is the proper sleeping position for expectant mothers?

3 Most Good Sleep Position During Pregnancy
The following 3 Most Good Sleep Position During Pregnancy :

1. Sleep on your left
Most medical experts agree that sleeping on your left side is the best way to sleep during pregnancy. This sleep position increases blood flow to the baby. That's why, even unborn babies can sleep comfortably. If your stomach feels sick or too tight, this is the best way to lie down and rest. In addition, sleeping on the left side allows the kidneys to expel toxins from the body quickly.

2. Sleep leaning
Put a pillow as a stool and sleep with recline position. It aims to bolster cushion your rear end so as not bergolek back while you sleep. Most women feel comfortable with this sleeping position.

3. Sleep supine
Although sleeping on your back seems a safe option during pregnancy, it's not so. You can try this position in bed early stages of your pregnancy. However, when your stomach expand, sleeping on your back cause pressure on your spine.

It can cause severe back pain. In the third trimester of pregnancy, the baby may even move up putting pressure on your diaphragm. Avoid sleeping on your back in the final stages of pregnancy, especially if you have respiratory problems.

That was a sleeping position during pregnancy. Which of your favorite sleeping position during pregnancy?