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5 Powerful Tips For Caring For Not Piercing Infection

Body piercing is very popular among young people today. As well as clothing, makeup, fashion trends and hairstyles, teenagers are now also menggandrungi art body piercing. However, there are some things you should know about piercing care. Body piercing should be done with the tools that are hygienic and also by a licensed piercer. The equipment used for body piercing should also be sterile and single-use only. Here are some care tips for you who like to do body piercing.

5 Powerful Tips For Caring For Not Piercing Infection

The following 5 Powerful Tips For Caring For Not Piercing Infection :

1. Always wash hands with liquid anti-bacterial soap before touching the piercing
Several types of piercings, such as navel or nipple piercing, must be covered with for 2 or 3 days, according to the instructions given by the piercer. This is done to prevent contact with bacteria.

2. Wear loose clothing
Make sure that the area stays dry pierced. And wear loose clothing so that the pierced area is not constrained by tight clothing.

3. Sea salt and water

For the piercing on the face or ears, there are some cleaning solutions that can make the healing process faster. Mix sea salt and water to clean it regularly. Continue this treatment for a month after the area has healed piercing.

4. You have to be very careful with oral piercings

Every time you drink, eat or smoke, use an anti-septic mouthwash to clean your mouth. You can store mouthwash in a bottle and use it whenever needed.

5. Do not use ointments or soap on piercings
The use of ointments or anti-septic soap can slow the healing process. Avoid using shampoo and deodorant near piercings. And avoid swimming during the first few weeks after your body piercing. That's because the chlorine in the water can contaminate the pond your piercings.

Here's five ways to care for the piercings to avoid bacterial infection. Good luck!