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5 Tips For Women For Men Likes

Elegance of a woman's body is not the only thing that could attract the attention of men. It's only temporary. Because, love takes a lot of things to be called love. Well, here are some things that men like in women, in addition to body shape.

5 Tips For Women For Men Likes

The following 5 Tips For Women For Men Likes :

1. A good listener
Men appreciate women who are willing and able to listen to them. Men also need to process their problems before finally telling it to others.

2. Spontaneous
Able to follow the flow is one of the things that men like in women. When being humorous man, a woman can be directly menimpalinya spontaneously. Whatever a man does, she can be spontaneous in responding.

3. Motivated
Women who enjoy doing anything that would look more attractive in the eyes of men. Rather than just complain and continue to complain about their shortcomings.

4. Cook reliable

Women are good at cooking is considered more attractive and feminine in the eyes of men. And most importantly, men like special dishes made ​​by her boyfriend.

5. Attention

Men love attention and therefore, the type of attention women are sought after by men. Eits, but do not overdo it! Therefore, man is also uncomfortable if too much attention.

Here are five things that men like from women, in addition to their body shape. If you like the type of woman which one?