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6 Habits That Can Banish Acne

Experienced acne problems not only teens, but also adults. Instead of wasting money to buy acne medication, do day-to-day habits.

6 Habits That Can Banish Acne

The following 6 Habits That Can Banish Acne :

1. Add vitamin A
Why is vitamin A? Nutritional reason this one is not only good for the eyes, but also famous can afford health care for the skin and control acne. Get vitamin A intake of green leafy vegetables, fish, cereals, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, and blewah.

2. Face wash
What is your daily face wash diligent? If so, do not stop the habit. Cause pimples appear because of dead skin cells accumulate oil in the skin, so you need to work hard to banish acne clean.

3. Replacing pillowcase
If you use a face wipe, instead of every day to prevent acne come again. Similarly pillowcase. All fabrics are exposed to contact with the face should you set up the conditions to be kept clean.

4. Face mask
No need to purchase products in store mask. You can banish acne to get used to wearing a homemade mask. Such as honey, yogurt, eggs, or olive oil. Besides the low cost, readily available materials therein and safe for the skin.

5. Relaxed
Try to meditate every day. Familiarity clear soothe the ability to reduce stress - one of the causes of acne. What to do? Apparently stress disrupt the hormonal system, so simple pimples appear on the face.

6. Wear make-up as needed
Other causes of the onset of acne is make up. So we encourage you to wear make up if needed only. Reason too often wear make up make face can not breathe and dirt to be built up.

That's some familiarity that can banish acne. Have fun!